Capricorn Reef DivingCapricorn Reef DivingCapricorn Reef Diving

Welcome to Capricorn Reef Diving, owned and operated by a PADI Master Instructor, with over 30 years experience.

We offering a range of scuba diving courses from introductory scuba diving to Divemaster dive courses.  Also advice on purchasing, servicing and hiring dive equipment, we can accommodate your dive needs.

Our qualified and experienced instructors can provide you with excellent dive training , ranging from beginner snorkeling through to more advanced scuba diving, in and around the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

For Diving and snorkelling trips from Rockhampton and Yeppoon in Central Queensland.  Contact us to travel to a choice of over 40 diving locations around the Keppel Islands off the Capricorn Coast.  The amazing Keppel Islands, on the Great Barrier Reef, are but a short cruise away and you can look forward to a memorable day of snorkeling or scuba diving.

So if you are looking to enjoy the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef whilst in Central Queensland then call us to book you’re snorkeling or scuba diving trip.  We’d love to see you in Rockhampton.

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Capricorn Reef Diving Capricorn Reef Diving